About Us


We’re a couple (Cathy, the cook in front of the camera, and Andrew, the man behind the camera) who love to travel and are obsessed with food.

The Appetite/Cook

Anyone who knows me (family, friends, now all of you!) knows I’m passionate about food. Coming from a Chinese background, food is the definition of love, care and celebration. I love cooking with Chinese spices. Growing up in a multicultural country such as Canada also lured me into exploring new and unfamiliar combinations of flavours from all around the world.

The Camera/Cameraman

The cameraman has many cameras. Obviously! He mostly shoots with Fuji X-T10 nowadays, and she plays with Fuji X-A1. He also has a closetful of camera/lenses/camera bags for various occasions, which he lends out from time to time 😉 . He has the eye for stunning photography (please see his photographic work at the Ephemerist Photography).

About Us

We are both amateurs but treat this as our passion! Camera with An Appetite is our cheesy (which we also love) little project that reflects both of our personalities and brings out the best in each of us. Cathy develops and tests the recipes, and Andrew gives his most non-judgmental feedback as possible (most of the time, it’s the sound of him inhaling the food). Each recipe is produced in our little kitchen, photographed by Andrew, while Cathy styles the food and occasionally helps out with the lighting.

We travel together, gorge on food together, and shoot the same scenery/meal with different cameras from our own perspectives. We love sleeping in on the weekend and sipping a good cup of coffee over a nerdy scientific conversation, or entertaining a group of friends with some wine and cheese. We also love cooking using local, seasonal ingredients, at least what we can find in our humble abode located in Hamilton, Ontario.


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